Group Itineraries

Organize your group’s perfect trip in Crete with Evergreen tours. With our groups, we are helping strangers become friends discovering at the same time the treasures of the island.

The island offers a lot of experiences for groups:  Traditional villages, vivid towns, lost Minoan civilization, unspoiled beaches, Venetian buildings and castles, deep gorges, warm local people, a tasteful Kitchen, and excellent wines.

Business travel

Whether you are looking for team-building activities, conference facilities, or another kind of business travel, we offer a wide selection of choices. All our trips are managed in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

Over 50s

Most of the holidays on Evergreen tours can be booked by people over 50. This over 50's holidays section however is for the active over 50's who want to travel with people their age, when for example they are going hiking, so you are not concerned that you won't be fit enough.

Disabled travel

Disabled travelers can be also adventurous. We have a small but growing list of environmentally and culturally responsible tours and accommodations around Crete, all disabled-friendly.

Singles Group TraveL

We offer a choice of singles holidays on Crete where you will join a small group with other single travelers. These tours offer you the landscape of the country, the culture, and some companies to share it with. Leading responsible specialists operate all our group tours.

School trips

Youth active holidays in Crete. School trips can be a magical and memorable experience and what better education than immersing students in vibrant local cultures?

Sports tours

Great sporting tours to enjoy sports on your holidays. Leading teachers, and the perfect places to be inspired and to learn.

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