For those independent travellers who want to explore Crete on their own terms, our private services in Crete are covering a wide range of holiday interests. 

Being a fully licensed travel agent in Crete we organize guided excursions for individuals sharing the same interest. Our services will exceed your expectations and will turn a simple vacation into an unforgettable holiday experience.

We learned to recognize and focus on the special needs requested by individual travelers who plan a visit to Crete and would like to use our excellent services for that purpose. Our tours may include land or sea activities, history, photography, language, sports, archaeology, gourmet tours, painting workshops, cooking classes, and literature.

What our clients say

“Once again we had great experience with Evergreen Tours. Online booking was fast and easy, the organisation is very professional and the guides are just cool. Jeep safari is brilliant. We saw another side of Crete and it surprised us a lot! Thank you guys for your great work!”

Anna Chiariello


“Truly amazing experience and would highly recommend. Never had such a personalised tour with such a wealth of local knowledge, it's been a dream of a day. We have seen so many different things! Thank you so much, loved every minute!”

Frank Puetter


“I visited Crete for business, but i tried to see also a bit of the beauties, so i booked a tour with Evergreen Tours! Nice experience, good service and very good food in a small traditional restaurant on the mountains! It worthed every penny! Next time i ll choose them again!”

Georgi Yonchev