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Heraklion - A vibrant city, 5,000 years in the making

Heraklion is the most popular region of Crete. It is in the center of the island between the Lasithi and Rethymno regions.

The main town is the same name city which is the capital of the island with more than 160.000 inhabitants. In this region, there are two of the most important archaeological sites of Crete: Knossos palace and Phaistos palace. Knossos is the biggest of all Minoan palatial structures. Your visit is a must to admire the red columns and the glorious throne room. Phaistos is the second important Minoan site located in South Heraklion near the famous Matala beach (former Hippies paradise).

There are a lot of sandy beaches on the north and south coast of the region. Aghia Pelagia and Malia in the North are the most well-known. Matala , Kalamaki and Lentas in South.. are only some.

Heraklion prefecture is also known for some of the best wineries in Crete. The capital Heraklion city is the busiest center of Crete. It is the economic, commercial, and scientific center as well as the main port and airport of the island. It is a multifaced city that embraces both the present and past. Strolling around, you’ll visit the Venetian fountains and buildings (as Loggia), the old port, the Koules fortress, and a lot of museums. The most important museums are the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Natural history, the Historical Museum of Crete, and the Aquarium some km to the east. The Archaeological Museum is internationally famous for its Minoan collection and alone is worth the trip to Crete.

Even though the vibrant city of today, the capital town keeps its fairy-tale vibe. Its vivid pedestrian walkways and squares are filled with numerous coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and youthful energy.

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