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Rethymno - The city that’s preserved its Old Town charm

Rethymno, in Crete, is a rare combination of history and modern-day luxury, with its Venetian-era Fortezza fortress and multicultural Old old Towntown, tropical beaches and exquisite Cretan cuisine.

The main town of the Cretan prefecture that carries the same name, Rethymno hides its secrets in plain sight. Walking around is like travelling back in time, to the period of Venetian rule in Crete. The Fortezza (fortress) sits atop Rethymno’s magical old town like a crown. And you can hear the echoes of the sea and as you walk along the Venetian port with its old lighthouse and get lost in the maze of alleyways, admiring the ornate doorways and the Venetian crests that decorate them.

You’ll also visit the mosques with their minarets and hop between the dozens of shops, restaurants and cafes that give Rethymno its special atmosphere. And as a final bonus, Crete’s longest beach – all 12km of it – awaits just outside town.

Rethymno will introduce you to culinary treats inspired by Crete’s flavourful cuisine and famously tasty local produce. There are restaurants in old buildings with beautiful gardens, rakadika that serve meze complemented by the local schnapps-like drink raki, and quaint little tavernas to choose from.

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