The dreamscape of Crete’s Elafonisi beach

Elafonisi beach, situated on an island – lagoon in southwestern Crete, wows its visitors with exotic blues, whites and pinks during an unforgettable day out at the beach.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Travel

Find out the top accommodation list in Crete ranging from simple rural houses to the most elegant beach front units.

Unique Beaches of Crete Island Greece

The most spectacular beaches can be found in the south part of Crete island. Small bays protected by mountains that end to the beach, or open long beaches, some accessible by car, others only on foot, the South stays nature, unspoiled and proudly wild, still pure, magical unique.

A guide to the traditions and way of life in Crete

Brave in war and inventive in peace, Cretans are storytellers, artists and artisans who have shaped their land and culture around their unique character and have a fascinating history to show for it.

Holidays In Crete Island – Excursions

Holidays in Crete, can be either relaxing or adventure. For your pleasant & exiting vacation we advice you from the simple to the most sophisticated tour with safety, reliability and inventiveness.